Advertise your business with us

Advertise your business with us

We carry your clients

City Sightseeing Warsaw carries the largest number of tourists in Warsaw who are looking for recommendations of places of culture, art, restaurants, bio regeneration and various other attractions. We only cooperate with proven brands / products, because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
We have several advertising formats that can reach a very wide audience, not only inside the bus, but also at our cooperating points. And the advertisement on the back of the bus? See for yourself! Almost everyone passing the bus turns to look at it for a moment more😊

Advertisement ob. The back of a bus

Our buses due to their dimentions, characteristic and unique design, attract special attention. They appear on the streets 7 days a week in central locations in Warsaw and at times when the traffic is the highest. We reach the consumers of restaurants, pubs, hotel guests and all those who appear in the crowded streets of the city.

Advertising inside the bus

We offer you an extremely effective marketing tool in the form of advertising on monitors. Your advertising spot will be displayed to guests several times per hour on screens placed at the eye level of seated passengers. And we transport thousands of them...

Advertising in the folder

Each participant of our trip receives a folder with information about the journey such as map with the routes and the timetable and keeps it for a minimum of one day, i.e. as long as their ticket is valid for. This folder is also available in tourist offices, guides, hotels and all other partner points. Advertising can be placed on the entire surface of one wing. Smaller or larger formats are also possible.

Advertising on the back of tickets

We offer advertising space on the back of our tickets. Each tourist receives a ticket which entitles them to use our service for at least 24 hours and is obliged to present it to the driver each time he/she is boarding. Additionally, the ticket entitles them to receive discounts in different places as well as other locations around the world. Thanks to that your advertisement will be viewed many times a day.
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